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Introducing: FAIRY HAIR

Book with Ahrayna for Sunday June 30th!! She will be @ Luna Love offering Fairy hair!! This is by appointment ONLY!  Please book directly with her @ 607.279-0579

Price List

  • $25 for 10 Strands

  • $35 for 15 Strands

  • $45 for 20 Strand

  • $95 for 50 Strand

  • Less than 10 Strands are $3 per strand

  • 10 Strands typically take 15-20 min, More strands will take longer

Fairy Hair are tinsel strands that are tied to the hair with a special tool. There are MANY colors to choose.

You can choose to do just do a few strands or more! It is great for EVERYONE!

It is a great way to add a pop of color and shine without committing to color, its great for kids.

Fair Hair looks great in ALL hair types and ALL ages.

You can use heat and style as usual. Fairy hair typically lasts 2-3 months!!

Pink Sugar

Text Ahrayna Zakos
@ (607) 279-0579
To Schedule 

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