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Introducing: FAIRY HAIR

Fairy hair is by appointment ONLY and she is only here once a month. At this time there isn't any Fairy hair appointments available
Stay Tuned .....

Price List

  • $25 for 10 Strands

  • $35 for 15 Strands

  • $45 for 20 Strand

  • $95 for 50 Strand

  • Less than 10 Strands are $3 per strand

  • 10 Strands typically take 15-20 min, More strands will take longer

Fairy Hair are tinsel strands that are tied to the hair with a special tool. There are MANY colors to choose.

You can choose to do just do a few strands or more! It is great for EVERYONE!

It is a great way to add a pop of color and shine without committing to color, its great for kids.

Fair Hair looks great in ALL hair types and ALL ages.

Pink Sugar

Text Ahrayna Zakos
@ (607) 279-0579
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