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Reiki is used to treat physical pains, aches and helps to aid in recovery after surgeries. It is also used to help heal traumas, relieve stress and anxieties and promote overall well being. 

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Reiki draws its roots from a Japanese healing method by Dr. Mikao Usui. Healing symbols and techniques revealed to him during meditation on a mountain. Intending find ways to heal like Jesus did, he prayed in earnest, and meditated until Reiki was received. Rei means Divine and Ki means energy

Each one of us are not at all "just matter." Our physical bodies resonate with the pulse of non-physical selves, consciousness, life that we are!

In Reiki, the practitioner uses his or her direct intention and knowing of forces within his or her power to affect a change in the receivers light body. This change, though subtle, can free a person from denser or compacted energy patterns in their aura.

Within the practitioners' power to change this energy comes a trickle, as the power of unwinding subtle energy patterns also affects characteristic matters of a recipients' real life. Besides just feeling lighter, happier, and more full of real meaningful sensation, the recipient might also have some profound alignments happen. As the clutter is cleared from ones' energy body, it makes space for more good energy and experiences to come in. A practitioner may also be guided to boost or empower a certain energy center in a person's body. This may result in an amplified feeling of well-being and also complete cure of dis-ease. 

What a practitioner does is what's guided to them by a force of energy we call Reiki. It can be called many names. The Chi, Life Force, or Prana used is all Universal and can be used and channeled by ANYONE. The person offering it just has undergone specific simple attunement and training practices to be able to do so with courage and exacting precision. <3

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