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Luna Love was founded in 2020' A dream come true! A holistic personal salon experience for all the senses. Combining Reiki practices along with sound healing and intention setting, this is truly a unique experience. 


Jessie Jean, the owner has a passion for healthy hair care and healing. She creates a loving, friendly atmosphere while you are being pampered. 


Luna Love uses Oway and O&M organic products that keep your hair feeling, looking and smelling lovely. 

The Luna Love team has your best interest in mind with professional customer service and products. 


Come experience the relaxation of self-care!

Trimming the Ends

Jess Stein 

"The Luna Love Holistic Hair Studio is inviting. There are no harsh fumes because she uses all organic products. Jessie is the owner and a talented stylist. She knows the cut and organic hair color that will look best for you. I have loved every haircut she has done for me. She is kind, caring and present. Try a Reiki treatment from her too. You will not be disappointed with any of her services".

Image by Adam Winger

Jamie L

"Jessie is an incredible stylist who does a really great job with everyone she works with. I have hired her to work with a multitude of my own clients who need hair and makeup before their professional portraits and she has gone above and beyond for each one of them. I have also used her haircutting services for myself and my three children for the past four years, she's great with children and does a good job giving you exactly what you're looking for style wise, I highly recommend her".

Hair Salon

Kira L

"Jessie does a great job cutting my hair. She always gives me the cut I want, and doesn’t argue with me about what I say. Once in a while she will have a different perspective, which is probably correct, since she is the stylist. But I have had another stylist who just constantly argued with every single thing I said, and it made me not want to return to her. The only reason I have not gone to Jessie more is I have not had the money. She is worth her price though".

Organic- Vegan- Cruelty free & Non-toxic Salon

Heart Girl
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